Rafting, kayak, monoraft at Lousios river

Rafting in Lucio and Alfeios is a fantastic experience. Do not leave the area if you do not try it, as the river is of low difficulty and you can easily meet the requirements. You will be transported to a fairytale environment, where branches and leaves try to bridge the opposite trees, and the clarity of the water invites you to taste it. If you can bear to dive into the river and open your eyes you will see the clarity of the water. The environment of the river Lucius is green with crystal clear waters, and this makes the rafting experience unique. A little further we will meet Alfeios. Alpheus flows in a rocky environment, and joins the river Lucius. The rocks located in the river, create fascinating passages and obstacles for the adventurous, giving a unique downhill experience.

What also makes the experience unique are the waterfalls that you will encounter throughout the course. Drivers will definitely stop you from enjoying a dip in the lake formed by the waterfall. The landscape is enchanting.

The part of the river that you will cross starts from the bridge of Atsicholos and ends at the bank of the bridge of Koukos. The rafting route is about 7 km (difficulty level 3) and lasts about three hours.