Excursion to Vitina

At the foot of Menalo, on a peaceful plateau with fascinating alternations of colors, images and rare natural beauty, Vitina is built with its stone mansions, its lush gardens, its lively square and its picturesque alleys. In winter or summer, hot or cold, Vitina always has to offer its guests special moments of peace and well-being that are hard to forget.


The wonderful fir forest of Mainalo is an attraction for the visitors of Vitina. Green landscapes in spring and summer, snow in winter, tall firs and streams compose the enchanting scenery of Mainalo. Mainalo is a source of life and happiness for the whole Peloponnese. It spreads arrogantly from the plateau of Tripoli to the gorge of Lousios and from Lake Ladonas to Megalopolis. Its name has ancient Greek origins, as it means the sacred fury of nature, that is, the divine offering brought by wildlife.

Vitina is a mountainous vacation spot, for many years it holds the first place in the tourist traffic of Arcadia, both during the winter months and for the summer. It is the jewel of Mainalo as its nature lovers know. It's a challenge for those who have not yet visited. Charming, cool, serene, green and picturesque, Vitina is waiting for you to give you unique moments of relaxation and tranquility.

Vitina radiates a nobility, with its old stone houses, its picturesque alleys, its lively square with the old church in the center of the village.

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menalo ski center

The impressive landscape of Mainalo is ideal for lovers of various activities. Unique hiking trails in the fir forest while the renovated ski resort meets all the requirements for ski lovers.

In Vitina you will experience ideal winter and spring getaways.